The Mobile Agent

So this is my first attempt at Blogging. I am going to learn to be a tech mobile agent and will try to blog about it if anyone is interested in it!

OK I have had my new ipad for over 2 weeks and I think I am getting the hang of it.  Have been downloading apps and learning to use them.  But as with this blog when you are old technology is hard.  Here are my top apps so far!

1. Evernote: great place to store files and get to them from anywhere, you can also email directly to it and even have it go to files without ever looking at them. Make a file for each client, I also have made a receipe file and am emailing directly to the file so I will have all of my recipes in one location!

2. Digits:  Calculator the ipad did not have one this one is simple and also has a “tape” that you can add comments to and email from.

3.  Claretity:  Our new mobile MLS app

4. Penultimate:  App to take notes or type on a page can also import and write on pictures etc and save or email.  Can also save directly to Evernote

5. CalcFeee:  App for figuring monthly payments does more but that is what I use it for.

6.  TextPlusCalls: App for turning your ipad into a phone also can call from Mexico for cheap when you are in wifi

7. CamScanner:  Use your ipad as a scanner!

8.  Great app for finding homes for sale around your location.

That is it so far I know I need apps for presentations and word processing but so far have not picked any.  Some fun apps I have found are Brunhilda a game to find things in.  Nightstand an alarm clock and weather app. iphoto app for editing photos.  Entertainment app for using your entertainment book and finding restraunts near where you are.  Yelp and around me are also great for finding stuff.

My husband Rich thinks it is easier than a regular computer!

More to follow!!


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